2022 Mulligan Concept Research Award Announcement

The Mulligan Concept Teacher Association is pleased to request proposals to undertake a major research project in the Mulligan Concept area.

Purpose and Evaluation Criteria

Proposals should be for early stage activities rather than for projects that are well underway. We encourage collaborative proposals that involve two or more faculty, multiple departments or schools, and proposals with convincing plans to develop and sustain a long-term activity.

All proposals should include a description of the proposed activity and its significance, resources needed to complete the work, timeframe, and plans for sustaining the activity. Please see the guidelines for applicants for more details.


The maximum award will be up to US$27,500, and the committee will make evaluations based on both the merit of the proposal and the appropriateness of the budget.

  • Funding will be available from June 2023.
  • Salaries, if requested, must include fringe benefits.

What can awards pay for?

  • Graduate or undergraduate student support
  • Expenses associated with data collection or entry
  • Equipment, research supplies and software
  • Travel


Upon completion of the project, recipients will submit a report summarizing their accomplishments and indicating their plans to continue the activity (including plans to secure additional funding, if appropriate). In addition, the report will summarize project expenditures.

Awardees will be required to present accomplishments to date during MCTA online events. The MCTA community will be invited to participate in open discussions and possible future collaborations.


To apply please download the appropriate application form and follow the outline provided. You should use a PDF editor (such as the free online software available at https://www.pdffiller.com). Please also attach a recent vita.

Proposals are due by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 15 and should be submitted as a single pdf document, using the appropriate application form. Completed proposals should be emailed to grantmackaypt@gmail.com.