The MULLIGAN™ Concept Teacher’s Association (MTCA) is a group of physical therapy (physiotherapy) teachers of manipulative/manual therapy who are accredited to teach the Mulligan concept and have become Certified MULLIGAN™ Practitioners (CMP). Currently, there are 50 accredited teachers internationally. These teachers are trained in manipulative/manual therapy up to a standard set by IFOMPT. The MCTA teachers accreditation pathway is described here.

The goals of the MCTA are:

  • To ensure teachers and teaching are of a high caliber.
  • To promote research into Mulligan Concept techniques.
  • To teach the concepts to other physiotherapists world-wide.
  • To accredit international teachers in the Mulligan Concept.

Mission Statement

The MULLIGAN™ Concept Teacher Association (MCTA) is the accredited body of MULLIGAN™ Concept teachers whose primary goal is to facilitate the education, growth and practice of the Mulligan Concept internationally.

The objectives of the MCTA are to:

  1. To set and monitor standards of entry into the MCTA.
  2. Provide a forum for promoting the exchange of ideas and new developments.
  3. To encourage research and development to enhance the integration of The MULLIGAN™ Concept into the management of neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction.
  4. To select and groom potential MCTA members in countries that are not currently in a defined region.
  5. To monitor members to ensure that the teaching standards are maintained and new procedures are being introduced.