Find a CMP Practitioner

The MULLIGANConcept Teacher Association (MCTA) recognizes the following individuals as therapists who are competent in both a didactic knowledge base and clinical/practical expertise in the MULLIGAN™ Concept.

The listed individuals have completed both course work and study in the MULLIGAN™ Concept. Passing this exam concludes the minimum level of training to be considered “certified” in the MULLIGAN™ Concept. The exam consists of multi-level testing with written and performance components designed to assess the clinical knowledge and skills developed by the practitioner throughout the course curriculum.

They have successfully completed of the examination process, are recognized as Certified MULLIGAN™ Practitioners and are entitled to use the following credentials CMP.

The MULLIGAN™ Concept Teachers Association (MCTA) has compiled the directory of practitioners as a courtesy to health care providers and patients.

All Certified MULLIGANPractitioners have met the conditions and qualifications outlined by the MCTA to be listed as a Certified MULLIGAN™ Practitioner. Beyond documenting the above Certification requirements, the MCTA makes no representation as to the overall professional qualifications or competence of those listed and does not necessarily recommend or endorse the services of those listed. To retain their listing in our directory, CMPs are expected to maintain the highest ethical professional conduct and promote and support the mission of the International MULLIGAN Concept Teachers Association.